Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Central Florida DU's Accused of Drugging KKG's

DU frat accused of roofie attemps by Katie Kustura
Police are taking recent claims made by members of UCF's sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma against members of UCF's fraternity Delta Upsilon very seriously.

Three unnamed sisters in KKG have accused DU of attempting to drug their drinks at a pirate-themed social on Feb. 10, according to their statements.

"One of the members of Delta Upsilon was sitting next to me on the bus on the way there and had offered me a drink out of a 2 liter coca cola bottle with alcohol mixed in it that one of his buddies handed him."

The statement also reported that the DU member took a drink from the bottle and said that it was "totally roofied."

Roofies are a term for rohypnol, also known as the date-rape drug.

In a letter from the regional director of KKG chapters Susan L. Pile to UCF's KKG chapter, she writes that she was "embarrassed to hear of excessive drinking, possible drug use and inappropriate behavior by your members and dates that occurred at your recent function."

Pile's "Focus Letter" asks the chapter to begin addressing issues within communication, standards, risk management and other areas of focus until March of 2012 when their progress will be reviewed.

The UCF Office of Student Conduct and UCF Police will both be carrying out reviews of the incident.

"Our No. 1 priority is to provide a safe environment for the entire university community, including our Greek organizations. We support the efforts of our fraternities' and sororities' national offices to hold their members accountable to the values that the vast majority of our students uphold," said a statement from UCF officials.

According to a letter addressed to UCF's DU chapter from Delta Upsilon International Fraternity's executive director Justin Kirk, the redevelopment phase for UCF's chapter of DU ends March 28. DU was placed on reorganization status on Jan. 25 by DUIF. Appeals to the Board of Directors are also due that day.

Also in Kirk's letter are the results of membership reviews. According to the letter, 48 brothers can maintain undergraduate status, 17 are on financial and/or academic probation, 16 are alumni and 32 have been recommended for expulsion.

A DU Redevelopment Retreat with all undergraduate members will take place April 1-3 and appeals will be reviewed by the Board of Directors April 29-30.

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