Thursday, February 24, 2011

Purdue Greeks Host Perfect Party

On Wednesday night, fraternity and sorority presidents attended the ‘perfect party.'

As a proactive movement toward changing the social climate of parties, Interfraternity Council and Pan-Hellenic Council hosted a party that was run in exact accordance with the rules for fraternity parties.

"It was a chance for the chapter presidents to be at a function that was properly run to the teeth," Michael Horstmeyer, publicity director for Interfraternity Council executive board, said. "It was also a chance for chapter presidents to ask caliber and risk managers any questions they had."

Running the party "to the teeth" included having a security team to check IDs and a "sober patrol" to make sure people were being safe, Horstmeyer said.

Those who checked as under age 21 were able to have non-alcoholic beverages and those over age 21 could check in their own alcohol at the door. Students over 21 were allowed to bring one six-pack of beer or four wine coolers and could retrieve their alcohol at the bar with a ticket.

No hard alcohol is allowed at fraternity functions.

"Also there should be a sober driver to give out rides to those who need them," Horstmeyer said.

Tricia Schutz, president of the Pan-Hellenic Council said, "Overall it was based on what a function is supposed to be. ... A lot of our members don't know what a proper function looks like."

At the party, each president could bring five people from their respective fraternity or sorority to the party and could relay the information to their chapter, Schutz said.

"We had a tour where chapters came in and looked around and could see what a proper function looks like," Schutz said.

The perfect party has been held before - the last time was in the spring 2009, and for similar reasons.

"It was run exactly how it was supposed to be run," Horstmeyer said.

"We've had a really great transformation from fall to spring," Schutz said. "It can be done and it can be fun."

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