Monday, February 14, 2011

How Social is Your Chapter?

Our twitter account, @sigepblog, follows a number of other fraternity and sorority headquarters just to see what is going on. Yesterday we saw this tweet from @KappaKappaGamma:
Just a sisterly reminder! #KKG's Officer Training Webinar for Marshals is tonight!
Those of us in the workforce are regularly enticed by offers of free webinars, usually 30 minutes to an hour long, with information on all sorts of stuff related to our jobs. Yes there is usually a sales motive, but the information is real and useful and designed to create a favorable impression for the company - and all I have to do is give them an email address. I get useful information, they get an address of someone who is interested in what they have to sell - win-win.

How well does SigEp leverage the interactive tools available today? How can we do better? Is is really a big deal? as a bona fide "boomer" I confess to having wondered just how large the effect is. Even though I am interested and immersed in the concept of "Social Media" I must admit the statistics in this video blew my mind...

Uh, yeah - that is not a big deal, it's a BFD! As that link to the Kappa site shows, other Greek organizations are figuring out how to connect with young alumni, members, and prospective members. We can't afford to be behind the curve.
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