Thursday, December 16, 2010

SigEp is Finalist in Pepsi Refresh Project

Effort to bring dental care to underserved kids

David Turok, Virginia ’04, is a dentist in Chicago, Illinois. His “Mobile Plaque Punisher” is a dental van that serves as a mobile dentist’s office, which would go to underserved areas and provide free dental services to kids. For his community service idea, Turok has been selected as a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Project, which is sponsoring an effort to fund project ideas that have a positive impact in the community. Turok’s fresh idea to help the needy with his own time and expertise is described in detail on their website.

Pepsi will award a $250,000 grant to the two most popular community service ideas based on votes from the general public. These funds would allow Turok to realize his vision of tackling a pressing children’s health problem in the Chicago area and beyond. On the Plaque Punisher page you can view a video about the project, see how the money would be spent, and most important, vote for his project. You can vote daily through the month of December on his page at the Pepsi project or by texting 104734 to 737-74 (P-E-P-S-I).

[Thanks to Brian Warren (HQ Executive Director) for the information]
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