Sunday, December 05, 2010

East Carolina Chapter Charter Revoked

A fraternity that has been at East Carolina University for almost 50 years has had its charter revoked and could not be back on campus for at least four years.

The national organization of Sigma Phi Epsilon, also known as Sig Ep, decided to revoke the charter for the East Carolina chapter. Officials with the organization say they along with ECU officials have been working the past three years to reorganize, but say,"The chapter has continued to act in ways and put themselves and others at risk, as a national organization we have a responsibility."

There was an investigation into allegations of hazing, but those were not proven. Now officials say they revoked the charter because of policy and procedure violations, also because they believe members were not living up to the Sig Ep standards. But fraternity members say they plan to fight this decision.

Allen Wooten, President of the ECU chapter of Sig Ep says, "They came down here for one thing and made a judgment call and then the next thing you know we are losing our charter and it all happened quickly. We are doing best to reorganize and prepare for the appeal."

Wooten also says the fraternity has done a lot of good things on campus. For now those that live in the house must leave and the charter could possibly not be reinstated for four years.

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