Friday, November 12, 2010

Five GW Fraternities Under Investigation

GW Greek organizations under investigation for hazing, underage drinking, binge drinking

Five fraternities and sororities at George Washington University are under investigation, with charges ranging from hazing to underage drinking.

While GW students describe their fraternities and sororities as tame, they say some students will do whatever it takes to pledge.

"People definitely want to be in a frat and they'll do anything to be in one, and I know people who've gotten hazed," student Sunny Shih said.

And that's the subject of an ongoing investigation, first reported by the GW Hatchet. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Pi Kappa Alpha are all accused of hazing.

Pi Kappa Alpha is facing a binge-drinking charge.

"People make their own decisions," said Daniel Workman, a fraternity member. "And the truth will come out in the university and I'm sure the university and our international fraternity will deal with all allegations presented."

A fifth fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, is also under investigation. The university would only say it's not hazing related, but that it's taking the matter very seriously.

All of the fraternities under investigation are located on 23rd Street, NW on what's called Townhouse Row. One in every four GW students takes part in Greek-letter life.

Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon have been suspended by their national offices until the investigations are completed.

Each investigation is expected to take three weeks.

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