Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WI Theta, SigEp's Juggernaut on the Rise - #whysigep

Congrats to WI Theta. We got this piece of news from the always humble and unassuming Tom Barton:

SigEp Mucky Mucks,

SigEp’s newest juggernaut, WI Theta from University of Wisconsin at Platteville, just today achieved second place in the national Hoop of Steel sweepstakes with 100% participation.  This comes in addition to nearly doubling manpower thus far this fall, elevating grades to a 3.0, being named UWP Greek Organization of the Year, and setting a record for pizza consumption in Barton’s kitchen after gutting a house as a fundraiser.

PUT US ON YOUR RADAR…  READ MY LIPS:  WI Theta…Excelsior 2011 CLA; BUC CUP 2013 Conclave.

Chief Kief, This one’s for you!!!  SigEp can’t smile without WI Theta. We are SigEp music, and we write the songs!!!!!  Music and passion are always the fashion in Platteville, Wisconsin!!!  It’s a miracle…but…looks like we made it!

WI Theta from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville continues to plot its SigEp fraternal jihad en route to our first Excelsior and Buc Cups.  Lock up your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, your children, and small farm animals: WI Theta is in the HOUSE!!!!
Tom Barton
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