Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#WhySigEp ... WTF??

So What is that odd looking hash tag doing in the blog, anyway?

Excellent question, Grasshopper.

A few weeks ago I noticed a "#40answers" tag associated with Sigma Nu HQ (@SigmaNuHQ) twitter posts and wondered what they were up to. It turns out they sponsored the tag as part of an anti-hazing initiative. When I mentioned it to some of my fellow Communication Task Force members they agreed it was a neat concept, if perhaps a bit on the negative side.

We wondered if we could get some positive notice in the Twitter/Facebook social media realm by setting our own tag. Thus #WhySigEp was born. We are adding it to tweets that have something positive to say about the SigEp experience. The tag on blog posts is because S&P sends out a feed of its posts to the @SigEpBlog account. HQ even got on board and started adding #SigEpRecruitment to their tweets about the latest new member reports coming in from around the country.

Please feel free to re-tweet any items you see with either of these tags on them, and use them yourself when you have recruitment news or want to share a great SigEp experience - 140 characters at a time.
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