Orono - Members of a fraternity in Orono are spending their first week back in class, camping out.

The guys from Sigma Phi Epsilon are sleeping in tents on the Umaine Mall to raise money for the Youth AIDS Foundation.

The Foundation promotes education and outreach in 60 countries around the world.

The campout started on Monday, the same day classes began.

Members hope to collect up to 15-hundred dollars this week.

They'd also like donors to learn a thing or two.

Travis Blackmer says, "I hope they take away, first of all, that AIDS is a real issue in the world. Second, I hope they get something out of it - that the Greek community really wants to give make and help make the world a better place and not the typical stereotypes and bad things people may think."

The members say if everyone on campus donates $1, they'll reach their fundraising goal.

They pack up their tents Friday afternoon.