Monday, September 20, 2010

AEPi Suspended at Arizona over Hazing

ASU Suspends Fraternity Over Hazing: Alpha Epsilon Pi President Denies Incident

By Elias Johnson

Arizona State University has suspended the Alpha Epsilon Pi over a hazing incident that occurred last semester during rush.

The Jewish fraternity has been suspended from participating in campus events for one year, according to fraternity president Adam Newman.

"We can't participate in any events which are affiliated with the university," Newman said.

University officials say the suspension comes after allegations surfaced in recent weeks that fraternity members struck freshmen in the buttocks during rush, when new members are recruited.

Newman denied the hazing incident and said the fraternity was appealing the decision.

"Just because there's an allegation, just because we're on probation for something doesn't mean that was necessarily legitimate either. Whatever happened, happened. I wasn't here. I'm the president now and its a new organization. We have new goals, we have new aspirations," Newman said.

Newman said he feels the university wants to have more control over Greek life, which is why his fraternity has been suspended.

Arizona State has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing and Newman said Alpha Epsilon Pi's policy is almost exactly the same.

Alpha Epsilon Pi has 140 active chapters in the United States, including Arizona State University.

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