Monday, July 12, 2010

NEA and KAPsi Team Up for Education

Kappa Alpha Psi and the NEA team up

Brandon Bartley

Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right
Striving to achieve in every field of human endeavor Kappa Alpha Psi has broadened their scopes to higher and bigger endeavors. Kappa has long been an advocate for the development of youth throughout the world. This passion is spear headed through the fraternities guide right program. Guide right is a mentoring model that the fraternity uses as a template to gear young men in the direction to be achievers and future leaders of America.

National Education Association (NEA) and Kappa
On July 2, 2010 Kappa Alpha Psi signed a formal appeal to partner with the National Education Association. These two major organizations will work together to fight and ensure that the same quality of education is given to all children, with s major focus on inner city schools. Kappa Alpha Psi founded in 1911 at Indiana University is one of the original Black Greek Lettered Organizations. Since their inception during racially tough times in the south, Kappa has fought for quality education for young black men. This new endeavor is truly an honor for the fraternity who will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary next year on January 5, 2011.

The new memorandum of partnership was signed by the fraternities Grand Polemarch (president) Dwayne M. Murrray, Esquire. The historic event took place in New Orleans at the NEA national convention. With membership in the area of 300,000 people many were in New Orleans for the National convention, amongst some of these members present at the convention were Rev, JKesse Jackson, former Secretary of HUD Henry Cisneros, T.V. personality, Judge Glenda Hatchett, Hauttie Kaufman of CBS and Karen Naraski of the Asian-America Justice Center.

Beginning of Kappa and NEA
Kappa Alpha Psi and the National Education Association began their relationship through FUSE a mutual media partner. Both Kappa and FUSE are headquartered in St. Louis. FUSE was an active participant in sponsoring the fraternities 79th Grand Chapter Meeting also known as the national convention. FUSE has also agreed to sponsor the Centennial convention in 2011. Through these bonds Kappa Alpha Psi continues to build on their love and dedication to building the youth of our community.

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