Monday, July 12, 2010

Maine Town Cracks Down on Frats

Town of Gorham places restrictions on fraternities

By John Blunda

GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The town of Gorham is trying to crack down on college fraternity parties and the crowds that come with them.

The town council voted this week in favor of banning any new fraternity houses and to put tighter restrictions on the two houses that are there now. One of those fraternities is in a residential neighborhood, and there have been complaints from neighbors over the years about rowdy parties.

Fraternity members say they have been working to make changes, and the university instituted a behavior code last year to help control what the frats do.

The gorham town planning board will hold a public hearing later this summer on the proposal to ban new fraternities. It would not close down the two existing frats. The town's ordinance committee also will review regulations to see what can be changed.

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