Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Georgia State Expands Greek Housing

Greek housing expands Georgia State’s community

Georgia State has expanded its university housing once again. Greek housing will be opened this August for select sororities and fraternities.

The Greek housing will consist of nine three-story town homes. Each sorority and fraternity will have a choice of one, two, or three bedroom suites, which comes out to a total of 145 beds. The town homes will include laundry facility and a common room.

Each sorority/fraternity chapter will have a Residental Assistant (RA) who is a member of their chapter. An RA is a hired student who watches over the living space to ensure that students are being safe and following the rules. There are three floors in each town house. The first floor will include a kitchen, a common area, a bathroom facility, and bedrooms. The two upper floors will contain a bathroom and a common area, along with more bedrooms.

Students are excited to start living in Greek housing.

Georgia State sophomore and Alpha Xi Delta member Jenn Twitchell said, “I’m really excited for Greek housing because of the fact that it is making us like other schools. Other schools get to have a place for their chapters to meet and hang out in a home setting. This will bring our chapter together, because we actually get to live together and bond more closely.”

Every sorority and fraternity cannot have all of their members live in the housing facility. After certain requirements are met, such as GPA requirements, the specific chapter decides on who will reside in the Greek housing.

Anyone who is in a chapter will be able to get into the common room on the first floor with card access. Only residents of Greek housing will be allowed access to the specific town homes. Guests will need to be checked in at the front desk.

Parking will not be available for Greek housing, but students can park in the University Lofts parking deck. This parking deck is across the street on Edgewood Ave. For more information on this, students can visit Auxillary Services on the second floor of the University Center.

Greek housing is the fifth housing unit that Georgia State students have lived in. The University Village, which is now owned by Georgia Tech, was the first housing facility. The Village was built for the 1996 Olympics and sold to Georgia State shortly after. The University Lofts, built in 2001, holds all students, including undergraduates and graduates. Greek housing is the third housing development to be opened recently for Georgia State, the previous ones being the Commons, built in in 2007, and the Freshman Dormitories, which were built last year. This new housing is serving in Georgia State’s goal of having 20 percent of their students living on campus by 2015.

Carleston Sanford of Atlanta is designing the Greek Housing.

For more information about Greek housing or other housings facilities, visit the housing website at or visit the Central Housing Office in room 250 of the Student Center.

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