Friday, May 14, 2010

100 Years of SigEp at Baker (KS Alpha)

SigEps at Baker look back on 100 years of fraternity life.
It was on April 2, 1910, when Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity began on Baker’s campus, making it the first Sigma Phi Epsilon in Kansas and the 34th chapter out of the now 241 nationwide.

Going into its 100th year, Baker’s Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter has 44 members, 22 of which are new members like Baum.

“It’s cool to be starting out at the 100th year,” Baum said. “It’s definitely a great start.”

Ryan McCluney, junior and president of the fraternity, started out wanting to be involved in leadership opportunities, he just didn’t know he would go greek.

“It’s been a good experience for me, because I didn’t even think I would join a house,” McCluney said.

He found it really easy to get instantly involved with leadership positions within Sigma Phi Epsilon. He also said the men know how to balance work and play in the fraternity.
SigEp celebrates 100th anniversary
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