Thursday, April 08, 2010

Why I never went through recruitment

With classes winding down for the summer most chapters are thinking ahead to the fall recruitment (aka "Rush") season where they sign the lions share of new members. This article in the WebGreek blog, written by a staff member at, explains why he did not go through the recruitment process and didn't join a fraternity. Now that he is working with fraternity members and alumni his opinion has changed.
I think that, if the so-called Greek movement wants to enhance its relevancy and increase its numbers, it needs a cultural shift toward connecting with the community at large. I recall my close friend Tova, a sister at AEPhi, who often found it difficult to escape the house and come hang out. I think that people should be encouraged to live their lives as much as possible. This would demonstrate that joining a fraternity or sorority won’t take all your free time, freedom, etc. As I mentioned, one of the reasons I bristled at the thought of recruitment originally had been the perception of homogeneity. And anyone who knows me will tell you: I’m fiercely independent.

I understand now that belonging to a brotherhood or sisterhood can foster individuality as much as it can hamper it (two sides of the same coin). I also realize, of course, that fostering diversity needs to be balanced with chapter meetings, service days, and whatever other activities are necessary to build unity. Just be wary of the line between unity and conformity.
The obvious question: How can you find potential members who think like this guy? By that I mean the people who would make solid, committed members, but they have not seen how the Greek experience can enrich them. Is your campus image serious, or are you the "party frat"? Does that image match what you actually do?

Why I Never Went Through Recruitment
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