Friday, April 23, 2010

Frat inspired by Robert E. Lee bans Rebel uniforms

So much for "Old South Days"
The Virginia-based Kappa Alpha Order issued new rules to chapters earlier this year saying members aren't allowed to wear Rebel uniforms to parties or during their parades, which are a staple on campuses across the South.
There have been numerous instances in recent years of KA members being confronted and insitutions petitioned to end the practices
In the memo to chapters, Kappa Alpha's national executive director, Larry Wiese, said such displays had to end.

"In today's climate, the Order can ill afford to offend our host institutions and fend off significant negative national press and remain effective at our core mission, which is to aid young men in becoming better community leaders and citizens," Wiese wrote.
The big question: Is this being aware and sensitive to cultural diversity and historical issues, or is it political correctness taken to an absurd degree?

We ain't touchin' it, but can't wait to read the comments.

Frat inspired by Robert E. Lee bans Rebel uniforms - Yahoo! News
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