Monday, April 19, 2010

"Capital Fraternal Caucus" on Facebook

Dan Backer sent a message to the members of the Facebook group "Capital Fraternal Caucus."
Subject: Support the 2010 Congressional advocacy day – update your status on Tuesday!

On Tuesday, 4/20, nearly 250 national fraternity and sorority leaders from across the country, including almost 100 outstanding student leaders, will be on Capitol Hill to advocate for passage of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) (H.R.1547/S.781). With more than 180 House sponsors and nearly 30 Senate sponsors already, momentum is building to make this the year CHIA becomes law. When passed, CHIA means better, safer, and expanded not-for-profit housing for hundreds of thousands of college students nationwide, including the 250,000 students each year who call fraternity and sorority houses their home away from home.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT – on Tuesday, we’re asking all the members of this FaceBook group to change your status message to:

“I support the national fraternity and sorority leaders who are in Washington D.C. today advocating for the 2010 passage of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (H.R. 1547/S.781) and I'm asking my Senators and Representative to be part of the solution for better, safer, and more affordable not-for-profit student housing. If you support our students too, please copy this message to your FaceBook profile today!”
If you are not part of the effort, I encourage you to join, or at least post that status on your Facebook page.

Greek housing is a significant portion of on-campus/near-campus housing for students. Donors to the colleges for housing get a tax deduction for their donations, but Greek housing currently does not enjoy the same tax break. The bill being proposed would offer a break to Greek housing donors too.
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