Monday, February 15, 2010

Reports from CLA 2010

Steve Taylor reports from the st. Louis CLA:
The St. Louis CLA was awesome! It was the largest CLA ever, but also the best. The undergraduates well well engaged and active throughout the experience.

Friday night started with District Meetings run by the DG's that allowed for late arrivals to get active in the CLA upoin arrival. Saturday morning started with a full breakfast that was well attended.

While I initially thought there would be a problem with transporting 600 people from the first floor up to the 12th floor ballroom for the Ritual, the hotel staff had six elevators that were express to the top floor.

Starting the day with the Ritual in coat and tie led to an active and engaged group of participants for the whole day. Having the Ritual early set the right tone for the CLA.

Concluding the day, NBD Phil Cox gave an excellent speech that concluded with a standing ovation from the audience. Many thanks to the staff, the facilitators, and to the undergraduates for a great CLA!!!

Stephen J. Taylor
What about the rest of you?

Good? Bad? Meh?
What impressed? What was cheesy? Leave a comment and let us know how your CLA weekend went.
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