Wednesday, February 03, 2010

10 Things to Never Put on Your Resume

For the most part I agree with this article's suggestions:
For job seekers, the resume may be the most important document they need. After all, what's on that simple piece of paper can mean the difference between landing an interview and landing in the circular file.

While most job seekers concentrate on what they should include on their resume, few pay attention to what they shouldn't include. This article explores 10 things you should never put on your resume.
However, there is one point I take qualified exception:
Achievements that aren’t achievements

Being nominated prom queen is not an achievement. Nor is belonging to a sorority or fraternity. And that award you won in a competitive eating contest? That's right--not an achievement. Stick to professional and community service awards only.
Maybe mere membership is not "special", but I would think leadership positions count for something. President, VP, or a job that involves managing people, resources, and money - like house manager - would have some cred. Certainly for the first jobs out of school. The trick, as with everything, is to show how that experience will help you to do the job you are seeking.

10 Things to Never Put on Your Resume

Update: A link to a PDF file of the points in the article. Suitable for a professional development presentation.
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