Saturday, January 16, 2010

Learning doesn't stop at 22. (Scripting News)

Dave Winer is one of the first, if not the very first, bloggers. He also is one of the inventors, if not THE inventor, of podcasting. In addition to his technical chops he often has interesting stuff to say on any number of subjects. In this article he touches on something that every chapter volunteer (not to mention every parent) has experienced. No matter what age you are, you think you know all you need to. He writes about a conference he attended at age 44...
Picture this. A group of about 20 people seated on the floor in a circle. A young man, opposite me, says directly to me, "I know as much as you do." It's part of a discussion about the differences between people of varying ages. According to the younger folk, they have everything we have, and of course their bodies are younger, and stronger. We older folk are nothing but older. This was the point the young man was trying to make.
I asked him a question.

"Do you know more now than when you were 12?" (I picked an age before puberty, when he lived with his parents. Before he had a beard. Back when college would seem as vague as high school, when he would have had no sense of his future life independent of his family.)

"No comparison! I didn't know shit when I was 12."

"Do you think learning stops at 22?"
People of all ages should keep their minds open. It might surprise some young people to learn that this advice applies to them as much as it does to older people.
Good advice for students, and for volunteers. There is more at the link.

Learning doesn't stop at 22. (Scripting News)
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