Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Iowa Delta - Remarkable News

Kevin Teets was a Resident Scholar while he was in law school. He sends us this news from the chapter at Drake, Iowa Delta.
SigEp Friends,

Some of you have heard me mention that Iowa Delta (Drake University) received grades of a 3.43 for the Fall 2009 semester.  Those numbers are remarkable.  Yesterday, however, I received the grade sheet calculations for the entire Greek system.  These numbers give all of us that are a fan of the RLC model something to brag about!

At Drake, Sigma Phi Epsilon is the top performing Greek organization.  This includes outperforming every sorority, as well as every fraternity.  SigEp is the only fraternity to perform higher than the "All Greek Average" of 3.24.  The "IFC Average" of 3.10 would not be the same without SigEp's manpower and academic presence.  In fact, only 2 of the 8 fraternities on campus scored higher than the IFC average.  If that doesn't indicate a statistical outlier, I don't know what does.  Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Chi are the only fraternities to perform higher than the all university average as well.  I've uploaded a copy of the statistics that you can view by clicking grade sheet.

There is no doubt that these statistics can be attributed to the Residential Learning Community and the standards that the chapter upholds.  The chapter has had tremendous success in working with Faculty Fellow, Dr. Deb Bishop.  Members who are below academic requirements meet with the Standards Board.  The Standards Board then works with Dr. Bishop to create an academic success plan.  Dr. Bishop holds weekly office hours at the SigEp house, and has been an integral part of the chapter's operations and the development of our brothers.  We can never thank her enough!

If you are thinking they are a bunch of nerds... you may be right.  They are nerds that presently hold the intramural championship trophy, nerds that represent 40% of the student senate, and nerds that are first in manpower by 24.  They are Balanced Men.  

Pardon the bragging, but when I have good news like this, I want to share it!  It is certainly a testament that our model (national and local) works well.  These guys continue to make all of us on the AVC very proud to work with them!

I will be seeing many of you at the upcoming CLA's.  Look for me in STL, Pitt and Dallas.


Kevin W. Teets Jr.
 We'll see you in Dallas, Kevin.
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