Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How's the Frat? - What to Tell Your Crazy Aunt

Happy Holidays, so how’s the frat?
by Matt Mattson
from our Friends at Phired Up Productions

turkeycarving_468x475Happy Holidays! Welcome home… Enjoy sitting around for your holiday meals with family members, and fully expect to get this question… “HOW’S THE FRAT?” (or the sorority equivalent). Quick, how do you respond?

Believe it or not, holiday dinners, parties, and get-togethers can be a great time to practice telling your fraternity/sorority story. The way you describe your fraternity/sorority to crazy Uncle Lenny is probably going to be a little different than your typical recruitment conversation, but try to use this opportunity to refine the story, to reinvigorate your excitement, and to explore ways to get other people emotionally connected to your organization.

For example, I’m going to imagine I’m back in my college days, I’m home for Christmas, and my Grandma Gooch (what a wonderful woman she is) has just asked me how “that fraternity thing” was going…

“Thanks for asking, Grandma. It’s a pretty important part of my life up at school. I think often about Grandpa and how he served in WWII, and how good of a man he was… When I’m older I want to look back on my life and know that I’ve become a man who is proud of his life… like Grandpa. I know it might sound strange, but that is something this fraternity is doing for me.

“Being a member challenges me everyday to seek Truth, pursue Wisdom, and be a charitable, honorable, patriotic, gentleman. I feel like this is the first time in my life when someone outside of our family has pushed me to be a great person. I certainly didn’t learn it in high school, and my statistics class isn’t teaching me that, you know what I mean, Grandma? I’ve got other guys around me that want me to be the best version of myself, like I’m sure Grandpa had in the Navy.

“It’s fun, it has given me opportunities to be a leader, and it keeps me busy and out of trouble, sure… but the fraternity is something that is really helping me become a better man. Thanks for asking about it Grandma.”

I challenge you to use the safety and comfortable surroundings of home and family during your holiday break to practice telling your fraternity/sorority story. If you’re reading this blog post, there is a good chance that fraternity/sorority has changed your life in a powerful way. Tell people that story. Practice telling it as often as you can. That story is what changes people’s minds about fraternity/sorority life.

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