Friday, November 06, 2009

Quinnipiac SigEps Surprised by Video Kudos

Michael Bivona sent this from Quinnipiac University:
SigEp Blog Brothers,

Our chapter at Quinnipiac University recently received an e-mail from media services containing a promotional video about our annual Youth Aids philanthropy named “Hall Wars”. The freshmen dorms compete against each other in a variety of competitions during the daylong event. Our school’s media services surprised us with this video as we usually are the ones making promotions for the event. We were hoping you could share this video on the blog for the rest of the brothers to see and possibly get ideas from.

How great is that? Not only is SigEp sponsoring a fantastic philanthropy project, but their name is on every T-shirt in the competition and the University is promoting it with a professionally produced video.
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