Thursday, November 19, 2009

Loyala Sig Eps Become Mobsters for a Week

Mobsters’ invade LMU with squirt guns
With approximately 170 participants, Sigma Phi Epsilon hosts “Mob Days,” a week-long event meant to
By Steven Piper, Reporter

Kenzie O’Keefe Loyolan

Sophomores Chris Bird and Britta Engstorm wait outside the Hannon Library armed with waterguns and on the lookout for mobsters. As members of the red team, Bird and Engstorm are a “mob couple,” participating in SigEp’s “Mob Days” event.

If you have been concerned by random people toting Super Soakers around campus, do not worry, you are safe. They are Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) members playing Mob Days, which is a weeklong squirt gun battle between SigEp members.

Do not let the word “mob” confuse you; Mob Days is not even about mobsters. In this game, “m-o-b” stands for “men of brotherhood.”

According to SigEp President, senior Sean Grant, about 170 people are participating in the campus wide battle, which he said is purely for fun and to enjoy each other’s company. “We will look back on the event and say, ‘those were my best friends,’” said Grant.

Adding to the contestant total are the mob wives, who are also armed with water guns. Before the liquid carnage started, each SigEp brother had to find a female participant to watch his back and make him an invalid target. As long as a player stays with his mob wife, another participant cannot hose him down.

If a mobster is found around campus without his wife, “you are open to be killed, which means shot with a squirt gun,” said junior SigEp member Kevin Baldacci, who, at the time, was still alive in the game. Baldacci said, “We are promoting teamwork, brotherhood and how to be respectful to the ladies.” Fr. William Fulco, S.J., the fraternity’s mentor and advisor, even has a mob wife.

Unless Fulco wishes to become a target (he is worth double the points), he is obligated to trek around campus with Bunny Lou, a stuffed animal. Fulco said that the game involves, “each member having a ‘mob wife,’ so it is also a nice way to interact with another side of campus, and, of course, the whole week is meant to be just fun.”

The fraternity’s mentor also said he enjoys having the opportunity to partake in harmless fun with the group of guys that he considers to be his brothers and sons. “That is, until I get soaked, at which time I undergo a personality change.”

Getting soaked does not mean a player is out of the game.

When another player’s water does hit somebody, his mob wife or husband has until the end of the day to avenge his or her partner’s death. If the dead player’s assailant is successfully taken out, then the fallen contestant is resurrected. However, “No matter what, you are resurrected the next day,” Baldacci said.

The event started last Sunday with SigEp’s scholarship giveaway. Two freshmen students, one male and one female, were chosen to receive the $500 Balanced Living Scholarship.

Grant said freshmen that excelled in high school and exemplified the fraternity’s pillars were chosen as winners. SigEp’s pillars include scholar, athlete, leader and gentleman.
The H2O battle will end on Friday, and the week will come to a close with SigEp’s formal this Saturday.

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