Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bowling Green SigEps' House to be demolished

Justin Harrod sent us a link to this story via Twitter:

Two fraternities on campus have to find a new home for next semester.

Approximately 60 students living at the Phi Kappa Tau and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternities will be forced to live elsewhere as their houses will be demolished, along with the Rodgers Quadrangle, in phase I of the University’s Residence Life and Dining Services Master Plan.

The presidents of the two fraternities were notified of the decision to demolish their houses Thursday, said Joe Oravecz, associate vice president for student affairs.

“Communication has occurred with respective chapter leadership,” he said in a meeting with reporters yesterday. “[The fraternities] have been provided with alternatives [on where to live.]”

Despite this communication, Sigma Phi Epsilon President Zac Ankrom wanted to talk with administrators before the decision was made.

“Communication needs to be made,” he said. “Communication is key and without communication people are left with questions marks.”

According to Ankrom, the members of Sigma Phi Epsilon had questions about the demolition of Rodgers at the beginning of the year. They wanted to know if the construction would affect them.

“We understand a lot of the reasons they went about what they did was because of going back and forth [on whether to demolish Rodgers],” he said. “I think it would have been a little nice to have a heads up.”

BG Views - Demolition of Rodgers Quad and two fraternity houses announced
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