Friday, October 23, 2009

Prairie View suspends fraternity pledging after student dies

Another tragic death. When will people realize that "brotherhood" is not the result of "survivor cameraderie"?
Prairie View A&M University has indefinitely suspended all pledging activities while the school and officials investigate the death of a student who collapsed during an early-morning exercise session and whose father believes might have been abandoned at a hospital by members of the fraternity he was hoping to join.

University President George C. Wright announced the suspension on Thursday, two days after the death of 20-year-old Donnie Wade.

Wade, a sophomore biology major, died either while en route or after being left at North Cypress Medical Center following the exercise session at the Hempstead High School track. Hempstead investigators say the student was a prospective member of Phi Beta Sigma and had gone to the track with about nine other prospective members and one Phi Beta Sigma member.
I have also been following the news of the people who died during a sweatlodge activity last week. They were not "Greek activities," but the elements of hazing were present: adverse conditions, peer pressure, pressure from the leaders, being told that if they did not complete the exercise they had failed - sound familiar?

Prairie View suspends fraternity pledging after student dies | Houston & Texas News | - Houston Chronicle
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