Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Twenty-five things college students can do to avoid the flu

Here is a whole list of tips and advice on how to avoid the flu at school. I am sure they are all good ideas, but it does seem like the list was created by an OCD paranoid germophobe and neat-freak. Examples:
  • Plan on cleaning your dorm or living area more often than usual.
  • Take antiseptic or disinfectant wipes with you to the restroom to clean faucets and sink areas that you will come in contact with.
  • Order your meals "To Go" so that it is served on disposable and portable containers or bags and not reusable plates and trays.
  • Avoid parties and social events as much as possible
  • You can lay your pens, pencils and books out and spray a light mist over your school supplies as well.
My advice: Get your flu shots, use common sense, and remember: beer is not strong enough to kill germs; Everclear is.
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