Friday, September 11, 2009

SigEp Bro. Capt. Jarod Overton USMC Wounded in Afghanistan

"Mom" Nonnie posted this first on her Facebook "Wall" and Renato Vilacorte has passed it on to the SigEp Vets. We are posting here to get maximum outreach.
We have just learned that an Indiana Alpha Alumnus, Marine Captain Jarod N. Overton, was recently wounded by a roadside IED in Afghanistan. He is recovering in a hospital with broken ribs and fragment wounds. Sketchy news sources say that they were in an MRAP and it saved their lives.

Please keep our Brother in your prayers and forward his mailing address to everyone who may care to send him notes of encouragement.

Jarod N. Overton, USMC 3/11
Unit 41630 FPO AP

Thanks to Mom Nonnie for notifying us.
Thanks to all others who forward this to their SigEp mailing lists.

Renato G. Villacorte
Co-Chair Sig Ep Vets
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