Monday, September 28, 2009

New Comment "Feature" - authentication

Update: apparently the Facebook link is not working. We know about it and are working on fixing it. In the meantime you can ues one of the other alternative authentication methods.

There has been a rush of comments in the last few days, most of them referring to the closing of the UVA chapter. Great. Wonderful. Keep it up. This site is all about dialog and different viewpoints.

One of the things I noticed, however, is that most of the commenters are labeled as "guest". Now, I'm pretty sure that one guy named "guest" isn't saying all that stuff. It is hard to follow the flow when two or three "guests" are exchanging opinions.

In the interest of better communication and some transparency, I have turned on the "authentication" feature. In the future before commenting you will be asked to authenticate using. Note there are a number of ways to authenticate, and you can still remain mysterious if you choose. Here is a response from a person at JS-Kit about using this function.:
If users click on any of those login options, the target services (Including the JS-Kit login option) typically has a path to help the user sign up if they don't have an account already.

You will find that most (if not all) users already have ONE of those accounts though.

Regarding the 'My Site' option - this is an opportunity for users to ALSO include a link to their personal site as part of their identity/profile so they can edit it and add more until they are happy with the result.
I'm going to keep it turned on for a while and see how it goes. Let me know what your experiences are via the "contact us" link in the sidebar.
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