Thursday, September 03, 2009

NC Greensboro Sig Eps Sponsor "Hall Brawl"

SigEp freshman "Hall Brawl" benefits National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Matthew Kennedy

Sigma Phi Epsilon, or SigEp as they are more commenly called, held their first annual "Hall Brawl" Saturday, August 29th. The event challenged freshmen from every residence hall on campus to compete in classic field-day favorites, such as kickball, volleyball, tug-of-war and a relay race, to determine which hall houses UNCG's best freshmen. Proceeds from the event were donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative nerve disease that affects over 500,000 people, causing their body's immune system to attack its nerves, hindering vital communication. The event was brought to SigEp's attention through National Multiple Sclerosis representative Steven Davis, who became interested in the organization through his aunt, an active member of the society. He brought his passion for the cause to his SigEp brothers and created an event that benefited everyone associated.

In addition to raising money for the society, SigEp's Hall Brawl encouraged freshmen to get to know one another and stay on campus during the weekends. How many freshmen go home every weekend because they don't have anything to do, or don't know of what they can do? The event divided freshmen dorms into teams, giving them an opportunity to meet new people and see how much fun they can have by sticking around on the weekends. SigEp aimed to show new freshmen that UNCG doesn't have to be a "suitcase" school.

Throughout the afternoon, various games and activities were played by the freshmen as music and laughter echoed through the campus.

Events like SigEp's Hall Brawl proved that fraternities can do great things for students and important causes. "Many people have the stereotype that all fraternities party five times a week," Davis said. "We just want to do something to show that fraternities can do something positive."
Another Sigma Phi Epsilon brother noted that events like this are good for recruitment because it gives a different light to the fraternity scene.

SigEp deemed its first "Hall Brawl" a success because everyone involved benefited; the freshmen and SigEp brothers had fun, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society received funds raised, and all can be inspired to support such causes and help others along the way.
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