Thursday, September 03, 2009

IIT makes students pay for dorms they don't use

Six years ago, the Illinois Institute of Technology unveiled a sleek, blocklong glass and corrugated stainless steel dorm designed by world-renowned architect Helmut Jahn that had space for nearly 400 students.

But now, some members of the school's Greek system contend, the school's residence halls are overbuilt, and IIT is trying to force new fraternity members to live in the dorms rather than move into fraternity houses as they have traditionally done.

Sigma Phi Epsilon alum Phill Vittore said the school is trying to shove its financial troubles on its Greek organizations.

The policy would have required freshmen wanting to room in fraternities this fall to pay up to $6,300 to make up for the lost room and board for the first semester at IIT. That would be on top of what the fraternity charges, about $8,500 for the year.

"They are trying to shove their financial problems on us,'' said Phill Vittore, a 1958 engineering graduate from Arlington Heights and a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni board.

Earlier this month, the fraternity's alumni board sued the school to stop it from enforcing the new policy. On Wednesday, a Cook County judge issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the school from carrying through with its plan.
Frats: IIT makes students pay for dorms they don't use :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Education
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