Monday, August 17, 2009

Why marketers have trouble with full-duplex social technology

My fellow Tennessee Alpha brother Steve Johnson is a leader in the field of product management. His blog is often funny, always informative and usally downright insightful.

This week he found an article on why folks charged with marketing "stuff" have so much trouble with the kind of two way communication that web 2.0 apps and sites use so well.
Great quotes:

The problem is simple. Marketers don't understand channels where you have to talk and listen at the same time.


The marketing industry's idea of a two-way communication is to put an 800 number or a web address in an ad and take orders.


Your company has a chance to turn its email list into a two-way communication. Except that most mass emails from companies are "do not reply". "We want to talk to you," they say. "But we don't want to hear back from you. Unless you want to place an order, and if so click here."
If you substitute "Richmond," "HQ," or "Nationals" for "Marketers" does it still ring true?

I would have to say "not as much today as it used to." The recent Conclave web site was a help, as was the reference to Twitter tags like #sigeporlando09 as well as Flickr photo sites, Facebook and other ways to share information. They still have a ways to go, however. So Kudos for the progress, and "what's next"? Why marketers have trouble with full-duplex social technology
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