Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What, no backpack full of books?

The rise of technology. Or perhaps the hegemony of Amazon.

Six colleges and universities are participating in a pilot program using the Kindle for accessing textbooks. Princeton University, the University of Virginia, Case Western Reserve University, Reed College, Pace University and Arizona State University are all testing the technology in select courses this fall.

In May, Amazon announced its launch of a new version of the Kindle (the Kindle DX) with a larger screen designed for textbook and periodical reading and a better web browser. This pilot program is putting the new e-reader directly in the hands of its intended market
I have had a Kindle for about a year. It's great to read at lunch, or riding the light rail to work. Or on the plane to Orlando. The neat part is only having the one device that can hold as many books as you want. That way I don't have to pack a "backup book" for trips. And if I do run out of reading material, I can buy and download a new book in about a minute right to the Kindle.

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