Saturday, August 22, 2009

SigEp YouTube Channel

In their own quiet way, HQ is beginning to "get it" about the power of open, two way communication. Case in point - there is now a specific Sigma Phi Epsilon channel on YouTube which has many of the video events from the 2009 Conclave available for online viewing.

Here is a sample - the Order of the Golden Heart intro video.

They have most of the pre-prepared videos already uploaded, and we hope that speeches and presentations from the Conclave itself will soon appear as well. They do have the OGH presentations from 2007 up so it looks like that may be part of the plan. Let's hope they are planning to make this resource more generally known. Wouldn't it be neat to use these videos at chapter recruitment events or at alumni gatherings?

Be sure to check out and subscribe to the YouTube "SigmaPhiEpsilon" channel so you can see the latest videos as they are loaded.
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