Saturday, August 15, 2009

SigEp Conclave 2009 - Brotherhood Luncheon

I "borrowed" this post from the New Jersey Zeta chapter's blog, simply because they did such a good job of describing the lunch.
...What really stands out though was the luncheon that we had. Not the food really, ice cream was good though. This luncheon was special because of those recognized and their actions. There was a chapter from San Diego, a brother developed a rare genetic disease that blinded him. His brothers didn't allow him to give up, didn't allow him to simply quit school and be defeated by his condition. They read the assignments to him and helped him every step of the way to achieve his degree. One brother even registered for the all the same classes as him to assist with note taking and working with the professors. Another brother awarded was also from California. A brother and a Marine, Renato Villacorte is committed to duty and brotherhood. When another brother serving his country in Iraq was killed in action, leaving behind three young children, Renato set up a fund to help provide for those children and all families with brothers serving in the military. Even as a first time attendee at conclave, it's great to reconnect with brothers from around the country.
Thanks for the good work, guys. Keep it up.
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