Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grand President Garry Kief - 2009 Acceptance Speech

Our new Grand President Garry Kief has graciously sent us a copy of his acceptance speech from the Saturday night banquet. The PDF File of the full speech is too long to post in its entirety, but here are a few highlights:
Over the next two years… let’s remember that this is about you… and the Brothers sitting next to you… not some faceless number on a list.
Over the next two years… let’s remember that this is a Fraternity… not a Fortune 500 company.
And our symbol is a heart… not a calculator.
Let’s remember that it’s better to keep a chapter instead of close a chapter. Let’s remember that if they were good enough to be Brothers in the first place… how did they suddenly become the Black Sheep of the family?
Years ago we figured out that every time we close a chapter… it costs us $60,000. Now it’s probably more. So instead of casually loosing that money… let’s invest it in an RD Team that actually goes in and helps save a chapter… with help in recruiting…or academics… or leadership.
Let’s remember that we’re not playing a game of Survivor.
We’re playing a game of success.
You know we have a problem with volunteers.
The problem is we need them.
And we need more of them.
We need them for their advice… and their wisdom… and their life lessons.
We need them to help do the work… not just tell someone else what work needs to be done.
Let’s announce our National Board meetings well in advance and invite everyone to attend…
Let’s make sure everyone knows when our committees are meeting and that they’re welcome.
Let’s put our national calendar on line so Directors… and Trustees… and District Governors… and Committee Members… and Volunteers… and you… know about meetings and events before they happen… Instead of reading about them after the fact… on the blog (emphasis added, ed.).
And those are just from the first half of the speech. Read the whole thing here. Download it and print it out, too. By the way, he is also on Twitter as @GarryKief.

Tomorrow night... Past Grand President Shanklin's farewell address. Stay tuned.
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