Friday, August 14, 2009

Conclave update - girls allowed in Ritual?

It has been a full day with interesting legislative developments.

At the Ritual presentation yesterday, many members were startled to notice a woman among the crew handling the special lighting for the event. Then they realized that none of the crew were SigEps. And they saw our ritual. And heard ALL the private parts. Along with the full interpretation. Err, oops. Cue outrage.

A hastily written resolution (#16) requiring that only SigEps participate in the stagecraft of the Ritual was sent to the Grand Chapter and passed on to the Ritual committee for examination. The committee listened to arguments for both sides, then recomended defeat. The compelling argument was apparently one of practicality - you can't find and equip a crew of all SigEp initiates for a Ritual in front of several hundred.

I'll save you the parlimentary slight-of-hand, but the resolution was almost not brought to the floor. Once it was before the legislature and a final vote taken - it was nontheless defeated.

Now, if I were one of the alarmist TV pundits, I would say we have just declared that our "Sacred Ritual" is no longer secret, private, or even just for SigEps. Imagine the thoughts of a new member who has not participated yet when he finds out that non-SigEp people were allowed to see what he can't.

I'll bet there will be more discussion on this...
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