Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beyond Expectations - Past Grand President Steve Shanklin

Sigma Phi Epsilon Past Grand President Steve Shanklin gave his final address as GP last Thursday during the Balanced Man Celebration. Exerpts follow and you can read the full address here.
The Balanced Man Ideal challenges us to move well beyond our peers. We must aggressively advance the Sound Mind activities inside our chapters to compliment academic excellence in the classroom. […] Our chapters must be filled with balanced men, who honor SigEp in every aspect of their life. We must compete with our own potential, not simply compete with our fraternal neighbors.
The SigEp brother is generous with his time and talents to serve others. In times of national economic stress, such as now, we must be even more aware of the talents that our chapter brothers have to offer those in greater need than we. This is a true measure of virtue in action. A SigEp must go well beyond just being a member. Sigma Phi Epsilon must become a lifestyle; a lifestyle of principle and conviction; a lifestyle of service to others; a lifestyle where our principles change lives.
Beyond just fraternity… …SigEp has continually focused on the distinctive difference articulated by our founders. To continually set ourselves apart, we stretch the edges of imagination in defining the fraternity experience. We must continue to seek creative and innovative leadership opportunities in the fraternity world; striving always to be better than our best.
For those receiving awards, please remember that these great achievements and successes are for the past. And as we celebrate, the future belongs to those willing to take their chapters even further; for those who are truly committed to excellence; for those who are prepared to exceed all expectations.
The Grand President's report also acts as a report card for the Fraternity. You can read it here.
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