Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Proposed SigEp Conclave legislation

In a triumph of transparency, HQ has released the list of resolutions to be discussed and decided on in Orlando.

The resolutions range from mere houskeeping (change references to the housing corporations's name for acuracy and consistancy) to changes in membership procedures and fee collections that could affect undergraduate members for years to come. Of course there are the usual boondoggles and this year's flavor of a "Worthy Cause" (decide for yourself which is which), and in this writers opinion there is room for a few more. The details for "How To" submit legislation are not exactly easy to find, but they can be found, and these resolutions can be uses as a guide to writing them up.
    List of Titles of Proposed Legislation
  1. Bylaws and Administrative Policies and Procedures, Sections C.1. and C.8 —National Housing Corporation of Sigma Phi Epsilon
  2. Sigma Phi Epsilon SAFE HOUSE Program
  3. Condition of Ritual Equipment
  4. Legislative Procedure for Grand Chapter Conclave
  5. Chapters to Achieve Above the Local Campus All Men's Average GPA
  6. Establish Pledging Periods of 8 weeks or less
  7. Clarification of Fee Increases in the Grand Chapter Bylaws
  8. Defining order of Chapter Officers Elections
  9. National Board of Directors Executive Committee Composition
  10. Simplification of Collection of Member Fees
  11. Sigma Phi Epsilon Employee Exceptional Service Recognition
Full PDF files of each resolution are available from the Conclave Resolution page.

We will probably have a few comments on individual items after we wade through them, so stay tuned!
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