Monday, July 27, 2009

Chapterspot - Network and Communication SigEp style

Bro. Brendan (LA Alpha - Tulane) asked us to plug his new venture.
ChapterSpot is a free organizational tool for fraternities & sororities. We help SigEps organize themselves online and maximize chapter communication. We do this by offering them a way to...
  • Increase dues collections by using electronic billing & accepting online payments
  • Send mass text-messages & email blasts
  • Create a free public site for parents/alumni
  • List classifieds (furniture, books, sublets)
  • Create an events calendar and automatically send SMS reminders in advance
  • Use polls, surveys, & sign-up lists
  • Organize chapter discussions on message boards
  • Maintain a recruitment list
One of the objectives of ChapterSpot (in addition to improving communication) is to help SigEps save money via bulk order discounts. Joe and I compile these bulk orders and reduce the costs of each purchase for the chapters (on merchandise such as t-shirts, gifts, composites, etc.).

Thus, the more chapters that use the site, the better the discounts they will have on their orders. Our small company can then make a profit by taking a small cut of the discounts for having setup a relationship with retailers. Overall, I think you'll see that our project demonstrates the power of collaboration and the mutual benefit of helping others that SigEp symbolizes.

ChapterSpot is planning to make an appearance at Conclave this August. We're hoping to get a lot of our SigEp brothers to sign-up then and to meet some of our current users in person.
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