Friday, May 08, 2009

U Nebraska-Lincoln Sigma Chi Sued for Hazing

Neb. pledge sues frat for sexual hazing

An 18-year-old University of Nebraska fraternity pledge was psychologically damaged by sexual hazing he was forced to endure, the pledge's father says.

In a lawsuit filed Monday in Lincoln, Neb., the student's father claims his son was sexually penetrated with a vibrator wielded by a stripper after being handcuffed at the behest of officers of the Sigma Chi chapter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

That and other acts the pledge was made to perform over the course of this school year were "so outrageous as to exceed the standards of human decency," the father said in the suit filed in Lancaster County District Court.

University administrators in April suspended the fraternity after hearing hazing accusations that included making the former pledge, who was 18, drink vodka and Tabasco sauce shots until he threw up.

The student "was humiliated, suffered and continues to suffer pain," the lawsuit reportedly said, adding that he transferred from UNL and sought psychological and psychiatric counseling.

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