Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tech junior dies in early traffic wreck

From Richard Bard:

It is with a heavy heart that I am informing you of the passing of Todd James "Sunshine" Edwards. Sunshine was my grand-little brother at Texas Iota and passed away early this last Monday morning on May 11, 2009.

From what I've heard from newspapers in Lubbock as well as my little brother Cody, his big brother, is that he was driving back to Lubbock from Midland after his brother's graduation and fell asleep at the wheel and flipped his SUV.

He was a very active and dependable brother and served as our chapters intramural chair. I was president when Sunshine joined our chapter and I know our chapter will sorely miss him.

Please keep his family and our chapter in your prayers.
...And from the "Lubbock Online" News...
"It's tough trying to wrap my mind around it," said Canon Turner, who grew up with Edwards in Midland. They were brothers in Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at Tech.

Turner said his friend was planning to stay in Lubbock through the summer to continue working as a waiter here.

"If you met Todd, you loved him," Turner said, describing him as fun-loving and genuine.

Fraternity brother Tommy Brunke said Edwards fit his nickname of Sunshine, though it got started because of his bright blond hair.

"Every time I saw him there was a big smile on his face," Brunke said. "He was just always really happy. He really was such a nice guy."
Tech junior dies in early traffic wreck | Avalanche-Journal
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