Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SigEp Banner flies high in Iraq

From Dave Calderon:
I received this email from an alumnus named Jeff Lehmkuhl from our Cal Upsilon Chapter (Cal State San Bernardino) who is deployed and flying helicopters in Iraq. The SigEp flag flew on Jeff's helicopter during a combat sortie. Jeff is a former Chapter President and an all around great brother.

Maybe something like this would be good for the Journal and could also be used in some of the multimedia stuff we do at Conclave?

-Dave Calderon
...and the original...

Attached is a photo of a SigEp banner Misha mailed to me a few weeks ago. The banner flew over Iraq on a combat sortie in the HH-60G helicopter (a combat search and rescue platform) seen in the picture. Obviously the specs of the mission are classified. The banner was flown on 10 May 2009. I will have the enclosed certificate signed my the rest of the crew and bring it back with me in a couple of weeks. As you can see by the orange glow in the background of the picture it twas not a pretty day to fly! The dust decided to take up residence on everything in the helo, to include my pathetic excuse for a mustache! I'll see you all in a couple of weeks....I'll be in southern California around the 8th of June.

Fish Out
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