Monday, May 11, 2009

OMG! Did I text that?

What did you text from that party on Saturday? This site can help you find out, but you may not want to know.

"" reads a little like an alcoholic "Post Secret", with plenty of uncomfortable, embarrassing, or sometimes tragic text messages the contributors have received (or sent). There is a bright spot - with a 140 char limit there is only so much you can say to damage your rep.

  • "hahahaaaa.. seriously! My breathe alone could get an infant hammered."
  • "I just broke my thumb...while peeing in a ditch!"
  • "just woke up in the room of the guy i drunkedly hooked up with last night. He has a nickelback poster on his wall. i feel ashamed."
  • "Saw a Delta Zeta recruitment poster 2day. On it, some1 added, "All you need is your daddy's credit card and a lack of self-respect."
...and then there are the NSFW ones - you can find them yourself.

They also are using Twitter (@mydrunktxt) and Facebook to spread the word. There is nowhere to hide.
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