Friday, May 08, 2009

Andy Triplett - IA Theta

Some sad news from Tom Barton:
Andy Triplett, the young man who regularly worked side-by-side with Gene Schurg during conclave legislation running the technology, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep a few days ago. Andy was an alumnus of my beloved IA Theta chapter at Northern Iowa and along with Dave Friederichs was my favorite alumnus. What a tremendous shock and loss for SigEp.

Tom Barton, Financial Advisor; First Vice President, Investment Officer
Specializing in Wealth Management
Wachovia Securities, LLC
News of a loss, especially of a brother who was so active and well thought of, is always a sad event. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Andy's family and friends.

UPDATE: The news release from SigEp HQ.
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