Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TN Martin Sig Eps & ZTA Train Campus for TAKEdefense

SigEp, ZTA host TAKEdefense mixer
Shyteria Dunlap
The brothers of the Tennessee Kappa chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity along with the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha hosted a self-defense mixer in the University Center on Wednesday, April 8. The mixer was held in support of one of the fraternity's national philanthropies, TAKEdefense, an organization that trains people, especially women, to protect and defend themselves in dangerous situations.

Richard Tant, of the Health and Human Performance Department and a SigEp, was the instructor for the evening who demonstrated a mixture of moves that could not only cause an attacker to back off, but even save one's life.

"Because of the many assaults that have taken place on college campuses, it becomes imperative to inform students of the importance of self defense in an altercation," said Brian Nelson, SigEp's philanthropy chair.

Tant demonstrated to students how movements such as scratching across the face and into the eyes can cause an attacker to become visibly impaired, a technique called the eye scrape. He even explained how a victim can keep herself breathing while being strangled.

"If a boyfriend becomes belligerent, grab him by his 'love handles' and twist downward," Tant said. "This gesture will not only cause tremendous pain, but gives the victim time to remove herself from the situation."

Tant gave other suggestions such as knowing the situation. He said there are signs to look for to determine whether an attacker plans to rape or rob a victim. He suggested looking in the backseat before getting into a car. He also encouraged women to utilize a 'buddy system'.

"Such a system allows effective communication between friends while out partying," Tant said.

He added that seat belts can become defense tools by using the buckle to strike an attacker.

"Keep your car keys or house keys in your hand when walking because they can be used as tools also to scratch or wound an attacker," Tant said.

Tant offered advice on when to give in to attacker's demands.

"When an attacker asks for money, give it. Even plead for your life. But when your life is directly on the line my personal opinion is to take a risk by using proper defense mechanisms to protect yourself," Tant said.

"Sigma Phi Epsilon plans to have TAKEdefense host a self-defense class at UT Martin next year for all females on campus," Nelson said.
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