Friday, April 24, 2009

San Diego Sig Eps Work Good Neighbor Program

GREEK BEAT: Community cleanup

Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity will be working with the Good Neighbor Program to help clean up the community this Saturday.

Sigma Phi Epsilon’s vice president of communication, Sean Kashanchi, said this isn’t the first time the fraternity has worked with the program.

“It is a great program for Sigma Phi Epsilon to be involved with and it is an even better event that will be taking place this Saturday … because it allows the Greeks of SDSU to show the community we care about the area we live in and want to make a change,” Kashanchi, a business management junior, said.

This time the event will be different, however. Kashanchi said nine sororities will also help clean up San Diego State’s surrounding neighborhoods.

“With a lot of negative media constantly being placed on us, we at Sigma Phi Epsilon believe that we must do our part to make a change and show SDSU, the community we live in and the world that not all Greeks are the same,” Kashanchi said. “We try to show that Greeks do great things.”

Anyone who wants to help is asked to meet at the Parking Lot P lot on the corner of Montezuma Road and College Avenue at 2 p.m. The cleanup will take place from 2 to 4 p.m.

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