Friday, April 17, 2009

Need a job? Got Skillz? - and a thick skin?

If I were a cynic, I might think HQ is getting desperate when they send S&P a position description and ask us to post it. But I gave up cynicism for lent, so let's just applaud the breadth of the search. We all want our next Executive Director to be the best and the brightest, selected from the deepest pool of talent. So please, if you know of someone who can do the job let the search team know. Don't assume "somebody" has or will tell them about the "obvious" best man.

SigEp Executive Director Search

Position and Candidate Specification

SigEp needs your recommendations of candidates, or expressions of personal interest, to serve as the next Executive Director of The National Fraternity, based in Richmond, Virginia. Candidates should be SigEp members with 10-15 years of general management experience in a similarly sized operation and should have had direct profit & loss responsibility in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors. Experience in strategic planning, working with volunteers and/or boards of directors, and providing direction to young professionals are additional key considerations. Candidates must be willing to relocate to Richmond, Virginia and should embody the Balanced Man Ideal. For more information please review the full position specification. Please submit your resume and a summary of your qualifications, as well as all recommendations, to


Aaron Granger | Director of Marketing Communications

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