Thursday, April 09, 2009

Florida International Sig Eps Hang In There

SigEp captures intramural title in last five minutes
By Joey Cruz / Contributing Writer
Sigma Phi Epsilon had to win the Sports Cup twice.

After advancing to the fraternity intramural soccer championship, SigEp was all but secured the Sports Cup award, which goes to the overall leader in points among fraternities competing.

But coming into the final game, Pi Kappa Alpha regained points by technicality, which opened the field up for a final that not only defined a soccer championship, but a Sports Cup as well.

SigEp waited until the final minutes of the contest to win, by scoring two goals with only five minutes left in the game for a 2-1 victory on April 8 at the intramural fields.

“It was even better the second time because we had enough overall points to clinch it, but due to technicalities it was up for grabs,” said SigEp forward Julian Arango after scoring the game-tying goal. “To come back and score two goals with five minutes left with the cup on the line made the victory sweeter.”

Arango’s goal ignited the crowd with roughly five minutes left, giving SigEp momentum to win the game and setting the stage for a game-winning goal with a minute left by Esteban Nicolini.

Arango believes that a regular season loss to Pike helped them become mentally prepared to win the rematch.

“It always feels good to win a championship,” Arango said. “The loss at the beginning of the season woke us up and showed we weren’t there yet.”

SigEp also captured the volleyball title, while Pi Kappa Phi won the football championship. Pike was also victorious in the basketball and softball brackets. Ultimately, SigEp clinched the Sports Cup this year and probably could have won it last year as well if it had not been canceled due to fighting.

“It was a rush of adrenaline,” Arango said. “And a big sigh of relief toward the organization and our fans.”

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