Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Barbara Bush to Marry Sig Ep?

(Note: This article came from - not the most accurate source for news but a great place for snark)

Barbara Bush Faces Namesake's Fate: Marrying a Heinous Yale Frat Boy
By Owen Thomas

George W. Bush's daughter Barbara is following in her grandmother's footsteps. The other Bush twin is said to be marrying on-again, off-again beau Jay Blount, a 2005 Yale graduate and fraternity member, this summer.

Blount is an associate at Casey Quirk, an investment management consultancy, which pays even junior staffers six-figure salaries. (The firm tells its clients how to tell their clients how to manage their money, or something like that.) His Sig Ep brothers are no doubt breathlessly excited about the news — though their description of Blount as a "hottie" leaves their judgment in question.

Update: Apparently Blount was hot in college, according to the Yale Rumpus! Also, he seemed to have horticultural leanings, nudge nudge, wink wink. We think that's how frat boys make marijuana jokes, at any rate.

There's more! The April 2005 issue of Rumpus reported that Blount got rejected from Yale's business school until Barbara's dad wrote him a letter of recommendation — after which he got accepted with one year of free tuition. Also, he belonged to the Yale Potato Sack Relay Team secret society.

UPDATE! -- Maybe not... says "People" mag.
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